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Why Russian Senator Bokova likes torrents?

Russian business publishing house Kommersant has organised panel discussion “Internet and law”. The Russian Senator Ludmila Bokova has been invited. She explained the difference between cinema and torrents. Why torrents are more popular than cinemas? Internet users don’t need to pay for torrents, which are cheaper than prices of tickets to cinema.

“I like to use torrents, because they provide opportunity to download information quickly, without frontiers and at low cost. And to go to the cinema – take a look at the price of tickets to cinema: 1000 roubles. For family of three persons the cost for cinema tickets is 3000 roubles, it is expensive for family budget. But torrents – it is cheaper.” But only Bokova knows where she has seen such prices. Usual average price of ticket to cinema (for Moscow at least) is about 500 roubles or lesser for usual seat, about 1000 roubles is a usual average price of ticket for settee (preferable for couples because it is in the last row).