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Auditors found risk of profiteering in ticket sales

Russian auditors’ chamber has executed inspection of Russian culture institutions – Russian Hermitage, Russian The Grand Theatre, and Russian State Film Fund (Gosfilmofond). Chamber inspected the execution of Russian state budget; in other words how state institution spend money allocated them within certain period of time. After the inspection auditors decried system of ticket sales.

According to chamber approximately 30-60% booked tickets for best places mostly, if not always, are not sold out directly. When the booking expires such tickets go in free sale and there is a huge risk that scalpers can buy out all such tickets because in order to do this they don’t need an id (internal passport). The tickets on places which are not in strong demand primarily go to sale. Such tickets people can buy with the passport, i.e. if the id has been shown. The tickets for good and best places are considered booked for special guests (authorities, sponsors etc.).

After the expiration of booking these tickets go to free sale without id requirement and mostly cases they are sold out within 5 minutes. In mostly cases, even for very popular shows, plays or other performances, 30-60% of booking is not confirmed. The interesting thing is that such scheme of tickets realization is not violation under current Russian law. Therefore the auditors’ chamber has prepared relevant recommendations. The chief of Grand Theatre believes his organisation better knows how to sell and distribute tickets.

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