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The draft law on internet autonomy has been upheld by its potential main executors

The Russian Ministry of communication and internet watchdog (Roskomnadzor, RKN) have upheld the draft law on autonomy of Russian internet. The draft law would authorize RKN to control the traffic route in Russia. The RKN would have the authority to define the rules for traffic route and communication operator, at their own risk and responsibility, would oblige to comply with such rules. More over RKN should ensure that minimum of Russian internal internet traffic passes through overseas traffic exchange points.

RKN would also create special entity responsible for management of network in cases of emergency. This entity would have all necessary information on Russian communication infrastructure. RKN would have total control over access to web-sites, because it will manage and de facto operate equipment of communication operators. The last would not be responsible for failures with access in internet, RKN don’t care under the law about liability for failures with access to web-sites – the law would allow.