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Russian telecommunication companies are not able to comply with Yarovaya law

Yarovaya law, adopted in Russia, is aimed to improve the protection of national security. This law obliges telecommunication companies to keep recorded communications between their subscribers (text, calls etc.). Telecommunication companies claimed this law caused high transaction and operational costs for them, but Russian governmental body – the ministry of communication – believed such costs would not be so high, they are acceptable.

Anyway, the companies in Russia must record and keep a lot of petabytes of information on their facilities. The law prescribes what the companies must do, but it does not prescribe how exactly they must do it. For example, there is no procedure in force, regulating transferring of data to Russian enforcement authorities. Messengers, social networks, dating sites are in a semi-legal position thanks to the lack of necessary regulations and when such regulation will be developed and adopted nobody knows exactly.

It is not clear how to keep information in question. How to transfer such information. De facto the most companies do not fully comply with Yarovaya law. There are no rules how to keep information in question. Besides it must be taken into account that messengers, social networks or forums may have different technical architecture and therefore it would be sometimes impossible to implement a unique technical solution for all companies subject to Yarovaya law in order to keep all information in question.