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Russian state duma proposed to delete inactive accounts in social networks

One deputy from Russian State Duma has proposed to delete account in social network if it was inactive during one year. The deputy believes if the account owner has died his account and page in social network is to be deleted. So, how to define whether holder of account is still alive – he should post something during the year. If the account – as well as its holder – is silent that means its holder is dead. Simple logic, but implementation of this idea is impossible.

The deputy calls social networks the most public organisation (perhaps he intended to say community, but said organisation). Each day not less than 70 mln Russians visit social networks. There are many public pages dedicated to people who have already passed away. The deputy counted up to one million. So, why deputy wants delete such accounts? He believes they could be used by swindlers. They could use such accounts in their personal interests, like wedding swindlers.

So, if the account is inactive during the three months it is to be blocked. Nine months after that, if there is still no any social activity, the page is to be deleted from social network. But if someone has passed away and his relatives posts something and handle accounts in social networks, in such cases special measures could be undertaken. For example, all electronic wallets are to be disabled. There is only one issue – territoriality of the law. If Facebook would refuse deleting inactive accounts it should be blocked in Russia?

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