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It was proposed to penalize search engines, social networks, emails and messengers for illegal content

The League of safe internet proposed Russian authorities to penalize owners of social networks and search engines for dissemination of forbidden information in Russia. The specific of this proposal is binding the size of fine to turnover of social network or search engine. The fine could be up to 1-2% of annual turnover. Such penalty could destroy entire business of internet companies.

According to proposal the penalty is to be applied if subject of regulation “does not implement organizational and technical measures aimed to reveal and preclude dissemination of forbidden information”. “Forbidden information” includes any information or materials the Russian law forbids to disseminate in Russia like child pornography, drugs promotion, violence etc. This proposal very likely intends to make search engines and social network to filter content.

This proposal has been sent to Russian prosecutor’s office, administration of president, investigation committee, ministry of internal affairs, ministry of digital development, Russian state duma and other relevant authorities. What concerns the subject of regulation? It is the person organizing dissemination of information in internet (social network, messenger, provider of email services and search engines). The league proposed to take more attention at the social networks.

The league believes social networks “know their users better than others”. They have information about users’ behavior, place of residence, computer operational system etc. They have control over users’ communication and interaction.