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It seems Russian Roskomnadzor does not like battle rap, very much

One battle rap Oxxxymiron vs Slava KPSS has become very prominent in Russian internet. Perhaps, because Many Russian mass media, including federal media, have made reports about it. The battle has been viewed more than 10 million times in first couple days. How Roskomnadzor is involved?

The reason is simple – the video of battle contains explicit content, and obscenity is forbidden in mass media, including online media, in Russian speaking segment of internet. Roskomnadzor promised to bring to justice mass media who “published in their materials video of prominent rap battle containing explicit content”. Protocols on administrative offence will be made in relation to Russian “RIA News”, “”, “”, “”.

Other 26 mass media are at gunpoint. They have published links to video, hosted on other web-sites. These mass media will receive “preventive letters”. Roskomnadzor’s chief Aleksandr Zharov has explained his position on authority’s web-site: “If you drive your car at a speed, exceeding prescribed speed limit, be ready to cameras fixating you, and you will have to pay a fine. When Mass media in order to attract more attention of audience use forbidden trick, they have to pay for it. In this case it is 50 thousands Roubles.”

Some mass media, like MaximOnline or Ria News, have received Roskomnadzor’s decision and admitted their “omission” and deleted or redacted video. Such mass media want to comply with Russian law and avoid any problems caused by explicit content. But some mass media, like Republic, are not afraid of responsibility and ready to pay fine. Republic’s publisher believes Roskomnadzor has no things to do, therefore it has a lot of free time this summer.