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Apple and Google products can be forced out of Russian market

The new draft law provides obligation on pre-sale installation of applications, designed by Russian developers, on gadgets intended to be sold in Russian internal market. So, if the device already contain necessary minimum of application, designed by foreign, i.e. non-Russian software and application developers, such device is to be forbidden for sale. The gadgets are to be smartphones, computers and TV with smart function.

The most interesting thing is the rationale of draft law. The explanatory note to the draft law states that average Russian customer prefer Russian applications for smartphones and programs for TV devices. Where such information has been taken from? The legislator is for sure that applications and programs of Russian “origin” are more “attractive” and desirable than others. There was not such research intending to find out the preferences of average Russian customer on the subject of software for smart devices.

The official logic of explanatory note states that the draft law protects the Russian customer from duress to install other application or program (i.e. foreign) on its device. The protection of interests of Russian IT companies is on second place. According to the draft law the Russian government would define the list of devices for selling which must contain applications and programs produced and designed by Russian software developers and also the list of such programs.

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