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It is not good to much advertising in cinema legislators believe and little bit more for today

The new draft law providing limits for advertising is introduced for consideration in Russian state duma. The law aims to reduce the duration of advertising showing before film running. The reason is the advertising can lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. Actually the viewers use this time in order to buy something to make movie viewing more pleasant. The legislators believe the advertising is shown contrary to the will of viewers in violation of Russian law. But the draft law does not provide liability for its violation.

The Russian minister of trade believes Apple would not leave Russia and Russian market because of new law on pre-installed software on smart devices. He believes it would be disadvantageously for Apple. He stated that “other (it means not Apple) producers of smartphones dominate the Russian market, and not everybody would buy Apple. For example, I have Samsung”. He also said that smartphones of Russian producer is more interesting in sense of technologies and design.

But the Russian market did not welcomed Russian-produced phone because of foreign products. Actually producers of smartphone are very careful in their thoughts on new law. They warn that new mandatory installation of Russian software on foreign products could lead to problems with stable functioning of devices and the liability for such unstable functioning should bear software developers and such liability is to be provided in the law on consumers’ rights. There is already idea to test new application “State Services” and install it mandatory on certain model of smartphones.

But stakeholders of Russian internal market are not lonely in their concerns on this law. The state-neighbors of Russia also dislike this idea. According to the representative person of the ministry of communication the retailer bears obligation to install Russian software on device before to sell it. The representatives from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Kazakhstan the new law contradicts to the WTO trade and service agreement and to the technical regulations of Customs Union, could reduce the turnover of technically complex goods from Union within Russian market and could impede the functioning of Union’s internal market.

It’s also should be mentioned about fake news in Russia. Recently the Russian media resource has faced administrative fine for fake news. Initially the magistrate court has imposed a fine on media resource for fake news. Media resource has appealed this decision to the district court claiming that decision violates the right to receive information. The district court has overturned this decision because the party from the side of media resource has been not duly notified of court hearing. After that the magistrate court has again imposed the administrative fine on this media resource for the same fake news.

And the last thing. The few major Russian companies have voluntary signed a the Code of Ethics for use of big data. The companies have signed with the aim to self regulation among each other and other parties or persons. The big data includes user’s data as well as industrial data. The document has been signed by the Russian major banks, major IT and telecommunication companies. The code to set up the unified rules to handle data and the limits of what is permitted for entire professional community.

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