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Telegram blocked in Russia, but is not forbidden

On other words if the access to certain web-site or online service is restricted in Russia wether under Russian law, court order or prosecutor’s requirement, you would not violate the law by visiting such service. The purpose of blocking is restriction of access, but such restriction should be justified. By why to block certain web-site or service? One of the reasons could be the violation of law. But if the service or web-site is blocked does it mean its availability is forbidden in Russia?

What assessment would you give to someone if he or she allowed something by right hand and forbidden the same by the left? The Russian interner watchdog, at the request of the Russian authorities, have made a lot of efforts to block the Telegram in Russia only because the last does not want to be under control of Russian authorities. Whether the reasons, declared by each party of “blocking battle”, are truly, it does not really matter now. At least main of them are obvious. The matter is the other fact.

The Russian court has ordered to block Telegram. Would you say that if Telegram is blocked under the court order it is forbidden in Russia? The Russian authorities do not think so. They believe restriction of access to the messenger does not mean the messenger is forbidden. The Russian Ministry of communication publicly stated the use of Telegram is legal in Russia despite the fact it is blocked in Russia. The blocking complicates the use for ordinary users in Russia, but it is okay for Russian authorities. They even commission research of Telegram channels.

The minister said the blocking does not interfere with its use. The special representative of Russian president on digital and technical development, Dmitry Peskov, is agreed with minister’s words. He also added that the blocking has insentivised development of Russian technologies. For example the technologies of information filtering and circumvention of blockings developed at rapid pace only “with Telegram’s history”. But, he also has underlined that the Telegram is not forbidden in Russia. But this affirmation raises another question – if the Telegram is not forbidden in Russia, why it is blocked there?

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