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Special courts for social networks can emerge in Russia

Special representative of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the field of digital and technological development – Dmitry Peskov – in his interview to Russian news agency “Ria News” supposed that special courts, specializing on cases in the field of social networking and digital law, can emerge in Russia.

“Current practice of criminal cases for reposts and likes in social networks shown that it is inadmissible to exploit current system; there should be finely tuned mechanism of assessment”, – he said. The activity in social networks can represent a danger to society because social networking creates perfect conditions for mind manipulation. Therefore it should be developed new courts practice. Peskov has brought a USA as example. He did not say whether USA already has such courts or has similar approaches supposed by Peskov.

Peskov believes it is necessary to analyse all materials of criminal cases relating to reposts and likes in social networks. Such analysis could clear what memes or posts caused criminal cases, consist corpus delicti, and what memes or posts were made only for likes. He did not also explain what it means, i.e. how experts will analyse criminal cases. In some criminal cases there were more than 20 thousands images. Would it mean that experts will assess all of them or they can just set up special criteria for assessment of images?

Peskov also did not mention how experts or law will distinguish objective and subjective elements in criminal cases and assessment of materials. The Russian Kremlin does not have official position on special cases for social networks, said Dmitry Peskov – a press-secretary of Russian president. “As I understand our system of courts does not provide such body (special court for social network). Perhaps it is personal professional point of view,” – he said.