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Copyright protection can wait in Russia, now it is not good time for it, Russian president’s counsellor on internet believes

German Klimenko, Russian president’s counsellor on internet, believes it is not good and suitable time to force a copyright protection in Russia. Russian authors must be more tolerant to the public. It is better to return to this question when economic situation in Russia will get better. Klimenko believes, authors should receive their commission fees (but usually it calls royalties, actually), but “always there is such thing as appropriateness of this question (when authors receive their royalties). Actually, consumption of copyrights is growing along with consumption of economic growth, and when situation is very hard and difficult, I believe, people should not be terrorized by these questions. Authors should be more correct in relation to people in difficult economic circumstances.”

“When copyright owners achieved such definitions like permanent blocking, I think, they did not think clearly, that it is impossible to technically implement it. Other question is, that the way of blocking exists, whether it should be done or not…” – said Klimenko.

It seems, as long as such Klimenko’s “clear and intelligible” position on copyright protection and enforcement and royalties (he calls it commission fees) for exercising of exclusive author’s rights is main priority of Russian government, copyright owners will wait too long when situation with copyright in Russia get better.