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German Klimenko, Russian president’s councilor on internet, about copyright, permanent blocking and torrent trackers

Russian president’s advisor gave interview to Russian newspaper, he personally explained what he kept in mind when stated certain things about copyright, torrents, permanent web-site blockings, Google, competition and Russian economy.

First of all – copyright and its enforcement. Right holders keep fighting with pirate web-sites distributing illegal content or providing internet users with information where they can find it. Klimenko once said it is not right time to intensive copyright enforcement. He explained campaigning is not right way to support Russian economy; the word “campaigning” precisely describes what he means – when all around undertake protection of copyright instead of concentrating on import substitution. Actually copyright deserves attention, but not all of it. It is necessary to concentrate on more important issues, and Klimenko believes issues in the field of medicine are more important than copyright. But it does not mean that Klimenko tries to avoid “scandal” with torrents – he does not deal with them in any way.

He realises, “authors want to eat”. There are authors who fight online libraries for different reasons and there are authors who observe how situation is going on. But it is necessary to understand, that authors’ incomes depend on economy and when Russian economy is not in good condition they should not expect gross revenue. It is like in restaurant – if people go there once a week (because their incomes reduced), but not twice, it does not mean they should pay double price. The current legislation is enough for now. There is provision about permanent blocking, but there is no provision stating that the ownership of torrent-trackers is a bad thing. The opinion has appeared that it is reprehensible. When authors sought permanent domain blocking they did not understand what it is about. If they would ask internet-professionals, they would say it is drivel, permanent blocking does not work and therefore it shames authority. From technical point of view it is a silly story.

Klimenko also explained in few words a situation with torrent tracker Torrnado. He does not own this site and he also does not know why Russian newspaper Vedomosti wrote about it. Klimenko gave a hint that publication was some kind of revenge; some time ago there was an ugly incident between Klimenko and Vedomosti’s owner. The text of article is incompetent. First of all, the councilor of Russian president cannot have business assets. He transferred them all to his son. Secondly – there is an open access to all information concerning companies owning or operating Torrnado web-site. Anyone can know who the owner of web-site is and who domain registrant is and who is the member or manager of company, owning or operating this web-site. Nobody is hiding anything. Klimenko knows about this torrent tracker, he participates in experiments on this site. Daily traffic is low – about 11 thousands visitors. This site is necessary as platform for experiments with advertisement, that’s all. And it does not have any relation to Klimenko or his son. He said “they are good friends of mine”.