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Russian state intends to take control over TLD .ru and .рф

Russian authorities want to take control over coordinating center managing tlds .ru and .рф. Coordinating center also controls 75% stake in Technical Internet Center (TIC) which secure constant work of domain addressing in Russian segment of internet. Whether industry stakeholders and players would like it or they would disagree with it, the decision has been made and is implemented.

Russian coordinating center is waiting for its nationalization. All financial flows, going through it, will stream to state authorities. Legal structure of coordinating center will not change. Its CEO also could be changed. Some experts don’t understand such “reform”. There could be prescribed strong and strict rules, but it is not necessary to take control over domain zones in such way.

Technical functions of coordinating center can be delegated to Russian Rostelekom, Voshod, Giprosvyaz or Radio, and coordinating center will have only representative functions.