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What the Russian segment of internet would consists of?

The new Russian law on internet autonomy implies its protection, namely protection of Russian segment of internet. But what exactly includes the so called Russian segment of internet? The internet it is worldwide network. In order to connect to something or with someone you should know address. The addresses mostly are in English. Even the main Russian domain zone is in English – ru. It is not so simple task for Russian legislators to define what the Russian segment of internet should include or imply.

However there are already attempts to define it. The experts have attacked the legal rules aimed to regulate functioning of the national domain system. Russian internet watchdog – Roskomnadzor (RKN) – proposes to include in Russian segment of internet only three domain zones – .ru, su and рф. One stakeholder has sent to the RKN the letter with simple question – what legal status has domain zone .su. This domain zone has been delegated to Soviet Union. This country does not exist anymore.

But such question concerns not so important issues. The more interesting is the mandatory directive for all subscribers and users of communication services to use national domain zone. The current Russian law does not contain such obligation, but proposed rules can make .ru zone very popular and put it in strong demand. Experts believe such directive is technically impossible to implement. Some stake holders believe the proposed rules consist of many absurd provisions.

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