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Penalties for ISP if it fails to block access to web-site under Russian law

In Russia has been adopted new law providing penalties for internet service providers who failed to block access to web-site under Russian law or court order. Liability provided for natural and legal persons.

If communication operator fails to execute requirement of supervising authority it faces administrative penalty. For officers it is up to five thousand Russian roubles, for individual entrepreneurs it is up to thirty thousand Russian roubles and for legal entities it is up to hundred thousand Russian roubles. New article is to be added to Russian administrative code.

Before adoption of this article there was not special provision, providing liability of ISP who did not block access to website under court order or current law, in Russian administrative code. Therefore courts imposed liability on ISP for failed blocking in accordance with other article of Russian administrative code; under this article 14.1 ISP is responsible if it runs its business activity in violation of applicable law provisions. The penalty under this article is up to forty thousand Russian roubles. Drafters of this law believed “minor penalties did not prevent ISP from violation of Russian law in relation to blocking of web-sites and quite often communication operators violated law repeatedly”.