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Don’t forget your id if you are going to cinema in Russia

The Russian state duma has authorized the requirement to show passport or id if the person is going to watch movie in cinema. If the movie is 18+, in other words for persons who is over 18, the cashier or controller in cinema has the right to take a look at the passport of visitor if the cashier or controller have doubt in relation to the age of visitor.

But it is not all. Currently the cinemas are surviving harsh times in Russia. It is not about an economic crisis. It is about regulation. But visitors are also under the “regulation fire”. The new regulation on passport requirement covers also other entertainment events. So any entertainment event marked 18+ can be visited only with id or passport. Libraries also have right to require id if the visitor asks for book or magazine with content marked 18+.

The regulation also states that the “informational products” marked 18+ are prohibited for dissemination near schools, kindergartens, sanatoriums and other organisations. The term “near” means not less than 100 meters.

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