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Russian Media-Communication Union has new ideas how to eliminate piracy

What Media-Communication Union (MKS) intends to propose? First of all it endeavours to simplify blocking of pirate websites. Secondly, pirate websites could be deprived of revenues from advertisement.

MKS proposes to clarify definition for “mirrors of pirate web-sites”. Union proposes to define it as “similar to confusion”. Moreover it is necessary to discuss the issue with blocking of web-site under court order, MKS believes. “We want to block mirrors much faster, prior to the moment when decision to block the main pirate site is granted. In order to include copies (of pirate web-site) in the scale of provisional measures,” – stated chief of MKS.

Besides, MKS is discussing opportunity to inform internet users whether resource in question is legal. Also they consider placing special plug on blocked web-sites, which could redirect users to legal resources. Users don’t pay attention or they don’t realise whether web-site is legal or not. They just consume content. If users knew where they could consume a legal content, legal resources would have more opportunities to grow and develop.

But if such plug would contain the list of legal resources or web-sites, it could be considered as promotion for legal web-sites. Who will decide what resources to include in the list and define conditions of such “promotion”?