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The new program for Russian digital economy has been adopted

This program has been developed and adopted in order to implement new Strategy of development for informational society in Russia. This program is called “Digital economy of Russian Federation”. This program has its purposes. First of all it is intended to create ecosystem of Russian digital economy, where digital data should be the key factor of producing in all fields of social-economic activity.

There are distinguished three levels of digital economy: 1) marketplaces and economic sectors (fields of activity), where occur the interactions of certain subjects (suppliers and consumers); 2) platforms and technologies, where the competences for development of marketplaces and economic sectors are formed; 3) environment, which creates conditions for development of platforms and technologies and effective interactions of certain subjects and economic sectors and includes legal regulation, informational infrastructure, personnel and information security. The main focus of program is two levels – platforms and environment.

As a result of this program not less than 10 national companies-leaders of industry should evolve. It should be high tech companies developing so called “cross” technologies and managing digital platforms. Such companies would work in global marketplace and form around themselves systems of start-ups, research groups and industrial companies providing development of digital economy. This program also takes into account that digital data is a key element of digital economy.

The program underlines that digitisation affects the configuration of global marketplaces. Many traditional industries lose their importance in the structure of global economy. But there is serious deficit in personnel in educational process on all educational levels.

Russia has its own infrastructure of science and innovations, represented by different institutes of development, tech parks, and business incubators. Such infrastructure must be exploited in order to develop digital economy. The Russia is not among the leaders of digital ecosystems. It is caused by lack of legal norms for digital economy and adverse environment for business activity and innovations.

First of all the main purpose of reforms is a legal regulation. The new regulation environment must be formed in order to provide effective legal framework for emerging and development of modern technologies and for running a business activity. The key legal restrictions are to be eliminated and the new legal institutions are to be established in order to streamline development of digital economy. It is also necessary to undertake measures aimed to stimulate economic activity, related to exploitation of modern technologies, collection and exploitation of data.

New conditions should be created for more effective exploitation of IP objects in digital economy. It is intended to adopt new laws aimed to stimulate circulation of IP in digital economy, including digitizing.