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The Russian president is concerned of widespread counterfeiting in light industry

The counterfeiting in light industry is of chronic nature, he stated at the meeting on development of light industry. This problem undermines competition in internal market and causes a great risk to health of citizens. In 2013 the share of counterfeit was about 39% or more than 1100 billion Roubles. Today the share of counterfeit is about 33% or 860 billion Roubles. The dynamics for three years is not “impressive”. The key factor for development of light industry is elimination of counterfeiting and illegal import in Russia.

The minister of industry and trade explained what measures will be undertaken in order to boost development of light industry including elimination of counterfeits. First of all it is correction of legal framework. A new mechanism, simplifying seizure and destruction of counterfeits, will be proposed as legislative proposal. Secondly, the end-to-end tracking system for products of light industry is to be created. The main element of such system is labeling of legal products.