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Russian Roskomnadzor has created a special department handling possibilities to restrict access to internet services

In one of Roskomnadzor’s organisations, in Federal State Unitary Organisation (FGUP) “The main radio-frequency center”, has been created a special department. This department should discover, explore and analyse a different opportunities of restriction of access to different internet services. It would make practical experiments and research in the field of blocking of access to internet resources for ISP customers.

The department would gain experience and knowledge in restriction of access in order to implement it in practice and react promptly and assuredly when it will be necessary. Authority prepares itself to amendments to Russian law, including on VPN services. Professionals, working in this department, practice to restrict access to anonymisers. The new department will cooperate with companies working in the field of informational security. The authority also intends to understand the logic and behavior of infringers.