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Russian Roskomnadzor updated its recommendations on restriction of access to illegal information in Internet

Russian telecommunication operators have received updated recommendations from Russian Roskomnadzor. These recommendations provide details on restriction of access to illegal information in Internet.

New document clarifies how to filter traffic. DPI is recommended as the optimum method of traffic filtering. Telecom companies can also use freely available software intended for analysing and filtering of network traffic. They also can buy already filtered traffic from their contractors. Telecom operators, using DPI, can at their own discretion define how to use definition of actual network address (so called “resolving”) of informational resource (like web-site).

Actually document contains technical details intended to restrict access to illegal information in Internet more correctly. The owners or operators of web-resources, blocked in Russia under applicable law, have opportunity to restrict access to web-sites which are not included in Roskomnadzor’s “black list”. New recommendations are intended to resolve this issue.

Recently Roskomnadzor also formed special commission of experts for “complicated cases”, when the opinion of professional is very important and relevant for blocking of certain web-resource. The conclusions of this commission will be taken into account when certain informational resource in question is to be blocked under Russian law. This commission is to be formed under new Roskomnadzor’s order.

When Roskomnadzor receives claim stating that there is illegal information in internet, it refers this claim to relevant state authority. The expert of such authority decides whether information is to be blocked. Executive of such authority considers expert’s opinion and makes official decision.

But sometimes executive does not agree with expert. In this case all relevant materials are to be referred to commission of experts for analysis. And this commission decides whether information is illegal. Under final decision of such commission Roskomnadzor restricts access to informational resource containing illegal information in question.