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Russian minister of culture proposed to block mirrors of web-sites without court order

Actually Russian Ministry of Culture (MinCult) believes responsibility for pirating of content must be more rigorous and unyielding than provided in recently proposed draft law on blocking of mirror web-sites. Chief of MinCult, Vladimir Medinsky, believes there should be provided a fine for user, who downloads pirated content.

But at the same time he has underlined that society is not ready for such measures. Medinsky assumes new draft law would resolve the problem with pirated audio-visual content, but “partially and slightly”. “In order to prevent stealing of intellectual property in internet there should be provided more harsh legislation”, – he added. It is not about criminal liability.

“There are common methods: pretrial blocking of pirated web-site, like in USA, when web-site is to be shut down after certain number of warnings, and after than the web-site must prove that it is not pirated; and the second method is “invoice” for downloading of pirated content, but this method must be applied very carefully.” – explained Medinsky.

But administration of Russian president dislikes Medinsky’s idea. Not only administration. Roskomnadzor, Russian ministry of communication, Russian state duma also discarded legal implementation of Medinsky’s idea. Russian minister of communication stated that proposed draft law was discussed, coordinated and negotiated with industry more than year and they can’t change it considerably without stakeholders’ participation.

Russian government supports this draft law. “It is not final measure targeted to fight a piracy, it is process.”