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Russian sport radio station has been sued for coverage Pyeongchang 2018

Russian company “Telesport” has filed a suit against Russian radio station for infringement of broadcasting rights. According to suit “Telesport” has concluded with International Olympic Committee agreement allowing broadcasting the sport events in Pyeongchang 2018 on exclusive basis. “Telesport” seeks 33 mln Roubles for damages.

In suit “Telesport” states the defendant “broadcasted events without proper permission of right holder on a radio, as well as in internet”. As a result the claimant has suffered damages – 33 mln Roubles. This sum equals to price for right to broadcast on a radio. Radio station believes they did not infringe any rights, they just reported on sport events. But the claimant believes there is clear broadcasting of event and the defendant lacks necessary broadcasting rights.

Radio station claims the hosts take information from open sources, the report on current events; they don’t use sounds or images of sport events. Therefore such reports do not constitute broadcasting. “According to claimants logic, anyone who write a film review infringes copyright in film, because such review is demonstration of such film”, – stated representative of radio station.