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Russia can cultivate alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and other means of mass communication

The deputy of Russian minister of communication believes the Russian and Chinese mass media faces unfair competition, but he did not mention who is guilty thereof. According to his words, the Russian and Chinese mass media also face restrictions in disseminating of information. He believes it is time to think on cultivation of domestic alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and other means of mass communication. The blockings are not effective.

“Russian and Chinese mass media, becoming more authoritative market players, inevitably face unfair competition, including by way of restricting dissemination of information or impugning truly information” they provide to audience. The only option to survive it is “cultivating new channels of dissemination”, to think about “new alternative social networks, messengers” etc. He believe the Russia and China should search for “common approaches” and devise “reciprocal steps” in order to secure opportunity to explain their point of view to other peoples.