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Roskomnadzor’s reciprocal mass media regulation in Russia

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor (RKN) has decided to transpose the British approach to mass media regulation into Russia. Such decision has been made on reciprocal principle. The new supposed regulation is to be applied only to foreign mass media; the Russian mass media should be regulated as usual. UK regulator Ofcom has imposed on Russia Today because it believes RT has violated the principle of objectivity.

RKN has made publication where it is stated that Russian media regulator launched to develop new rules taking into account the principle of reciprocity. But it is little strange. The RKN has a lot of means to “answer” UK mass media, operating or working in Russia, reciprocally. But RKN decided to go further and wants to change the Russian law in order to “update” it and introduce amendments, similar to British law, aiming to regulation for all foreign mass media.

It seems RKN has no professional, except translator, who could analyse world practice in mass media regulation, why RKN decided to take only British regulation? The aim to amend the current Russian law is the “answer” to Ofcom, which has fined Russia Today. But little later tht RKN chief announced amendments to Russian media law providing high fines for foreign companies. The law is to be drafted within 6 days, i.e. first half of august 2019. The fines are up to “millions”.

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