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Russian senators consider idea to block foreign mass media in Russia

The Russian council of the federation considers options for blocking of broadcasting in Russia by foreign mass media, if such media have audience in Russia. How should be defined “audience” and how to count such audience is not clear and it is not clear whether it is possible to make correctly at all.

If foreign mass media does not disclose its financial resources it will be blocked in Russia. Russian Ministry of justice (MOJ) would have authority to require relevant information from foreign mass media. First of all – the financial resources, in other words who gives money to mass media in order to broadcast in Russia. If foreign mass media ignores MOJ’s request to report about its (business) activity in Russia, Russian Roskomnadzor will have authority to block such media in Russia.

One Russian senator also proposed to authorise MOJ to initiate and conduct its own investigations in order to reveal financial resources of mass media registered in Russia. If MOJ finds foreign financial resources and all signs proving that mass media works in the best interests of foreign country, such mass media is to be considered as foreign agent in Russia.