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Russian book publishers also endeavor to clear search results from pirate links

But they make efforts only in relation to Russian search engine and internet company Yandex. Google and other search engines are out of their interest. There are also search engines of and Rambler company. The association, representing the copyright interests of Russian major book publishers, has filed lawsuit against Yandex seeking to clear the search indexing from links to pirate web-sites.

The claim has been filed to Russian Supreme court. In the claim the association tries to prove that indexing the links to illegal content violates the Russian copyright law. The previous courts instances have not agreed with such interpretation of copyright law. But association does not give up. The Supreme Court did not decide yet, whether it will consider the claim. The claim requires the Supreme Court to review the decision of lower standing courts.

January 2018 association has filed a lawsuit seeking restriction of access to web-site for copyright infringement (there has been published unauthorized copy of the book). The lawsuit also required the court to oblige Yandex to de-index URL of web-site in question. The court of first instance has satisfied association’s requirement in the part of restriction of access, other requirement – de-indexing – has been dismissed. The court held indexing of URL by Yandex is not copyright infringement. The appeal and IP court has upheld this decision. Now it is turn of Supreme Court.