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Yandex settles copyright lawsuit with audiovisual right holders

Russian IT company Yandex settles copyright dispute with audiovisual right holders belonging to Russian major media company Gazprom Media. Earlier right holders have sued Yandex for copyright infringement. In parallel they negotiated with IT company antipiracy memorandum. Finally IT company and right holders have signed it. One of condition to sign memo was dropping the lawsuit against Yandex.

The Moscow town court has approved settlement between the parties. The proceedings have been ceased thanks to settlement. The judge was astonished, the claimant and the defendant have explained that they have reached all arrangements thanks to signing of antipiracy memo. Yandex continues to delete pirate links from search results and then de-index them at the request of right holders and the right holders don’t sue Yandex. Very simple.

Perhaps the judge was astonished because the subject of agreement is delisting links from search results and the subject of lawsuit was copyright infringement by way of showing illegal copies of movies from third party web-sites through Yandex and on Yandex’s search page without necessity to go to third party’s web-site, as claimants initially stated.