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New antipiracy memorandum for book publishers has been proposed

Recently audiovisual right holders have signed antipiracy memorandum with Russian search and IT companies like Yandex but without participation of Google. The main goal of this memo is de-indexing links to pirate web-resources without court order and elimination of all such links from search results. Russian search engines have signed this memo, but without enthusiasm. Book publishers and right holders also want to sign similar memo, because IT counterparts of memo underlined that the memo covers only audiovisual works.

Recently Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor proposed to draft new antipiracy memo especially for book publishers and search engines. Russian book union has sent to Roskomnadzor a letter concerning new antipiracy memo. The RKN has replied and stated that it is ready to discuss with book right holders a drafting of new memo, because the current memo is ineligible to cover copyright in digital audiobooks and books. The new memo should be drafted. The Yandex keeps silence and doesn’t provide any comments and thoughts.