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Even trolling can be treated as insulting of judge

David Diptych “The Judgment of Cambyses”

In Russia there is one interesting occasion. In The commercial court of Krasnodar there is one bankrupt case. The party of the case has sent to judge the motion in envelope with reproduction of “The Judgement of Cambyses”. There was not anything special in motion. It even does not matter what the case is about, the matter is the judge got indignant and scheduled separate court meeting in order to find out why the party has sent its motion in envelope with questionable reproduction.

Such action – sending envelope with The Judgement of Cambyses” – can be considered contempt of court. The punishment for contempt can be fine or even jail. The judge, leading the case on bankrupt, intends to interrogate the creditor in this case because “it is necessary to make clear the matter in order to exclude contempt of court and to consider the matter of judicial penalty”. Previously the court declined one of the creditor’s motions.

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