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Yandex failed to overturn preliminary measures imposed in copyright infringement case

When the three television channels have filed a suit against Yandex, it was not going to give up. After the court has granted injunction against Yandex and issued an order to restrict access to Yandex as preliminary measure (Roskomnadzor did not execute this decision, because it knows, sometimes much better then court itself, whether there is copyright infringement or not) Yadnex opposed preliminary measure.

But the court did not agree to abolish preliminary measure. Abolishing of preliminary measures, imposed under two lawsuits against Yandex (the third lawsuit will be considered little later), before the case is to be considered can result in copyright infringement of claimants, the judge ruled. The Yandex’s arguments that it is not hosting provider and does not disseminated videos at issue are to be considered in main part of case consideration.