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Senator wants to violate privacy of correspondence the Russian state duma believes

Recently the group of Russian senators has introduced the draft law aiming to control the ability of any internet user residing in Russia or using Russian emailing service to send electronic mail to anyone. According to proposal the email account holder can use it only if identification has been passed. The identification can be passed only through the cell phone number because it is to be assigned by the internal passport.

The Russian state duma has expressed its concerns in relation to consequences if this draft law would be implemented. The draft law would restrict and violate the right on privacy of correspondence provided in Russian constitution. Such restriction is extrajudicial. According to the expert from the State Duma the draft law does not contain the condition causing the restriction of emailing ability by actions of relevant enforcement authority under the Russian law and can be interpreted as arbitrary restriction of rights enshrined in Russian constitution.

In other words the draft law enables enforcement authorities to restrict citizens’ constitutional rights whenever they want so without necessity to justify enforcement actions. The other expert from state duma has reminded the article 138 of Russian criminal code – the violation of right on privacy of correspondence. This article provides jail term up to 4 years. The draft law contradicts to many main rights provided by Russian basic laws and it seems the last can be changed in order to totally control the Russian citizens capacity.

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