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Russian broadcasters proposed create one vendor for their content

They proposed it to improve distribution of their content in internet; actually they want make money on this distribution and don’t want lose financial opportunities. The operators, who currently don’t pay for distribution of such content, don’t like such proposal – it could cost them significantly.

National Media Group (STS channel, REN TV, 5 Channel) has proposed to adopt a law providing establishment of new operator – only one – who would distribute in internet the content of channels from first and second multiplexes, it is about 20 channels. This operator would be intermediary between broadcasters and OTT-services and would handle monetization of content broadcasting in online environment. This proposal has been made at the meeting of Media Communication Union.

The chief of Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor (RKN) also was at this meeting. Perhaps there is idea to create such operator under the patronage of RKN. First channel, STS channel and Russian state television channel (Russia Channel) already have common distribution channel – Vitrina TV. These channels distribute their content in internet through this platform; they broadcast their content on this platform.

Broadcasters believe the one operator – who will handle online distribution – can “secure the unified principles for distribution of content in internet environment”, would improve the fight with illegal distribution of content, and would introduce unified measurement system. All these positive consequences would make content monetization more effective. What concerns monetization, broadcaster believe it must be “absolutely on their (channels’) side”.

Broadcasters also believe if the distribution of their content in internet would be organized through “one point”, RKN would be easy to tackle illegal distribution because “all other points of its distribution would be illegal”. RKN’s representative, Ampelonsky, who was under enforcement fire, said that RKN does not participate in discussion, it only watches. But he also believes the question of one operator is appropriate.

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