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Presidential measures against counterfeits in Russia

Russian president has signed new decree “About additional measures on counteractions against illegal turnover of industrial products”. This decree sets up new state commission which will coordinate functioning of federal and regional executive authorities on counteractions against illegal import, manufacturing and turnover of industrial products, including counterfeits, and also on monitoring and assessment of situation in this field.

The chairman of this commission will be the Russian minister of trade. In Russian regions will be also organised such commissions which will execute similar functions on regional level. The decree also provides structure of these commissions. Russian trade ministry is obliged to provide federal state commission with organizational and material assistance.

What federal commission should do under presidential decree? Among other things it develops concepts, strategies and agendas on counteractions against illegal turnover of industrial products; develops measures on counteractions against illegal turnover of industrial products, including prevention such illegal turnover and also improvement of effectiveness of such measures; cooperation on international level in the field of counteractions against counterfeit.

Commission also has authority to develop and propose draft laws. Decree also provides federal commission with right to require federal, regional and municipal authorities and their officers to provide it with necessary information and materials. It also has the right to involve competent officers from state authorities. Decision of commission is effective if more than half of its members were at the meeting. Almost all chiefs from federal executive authorities are the members of this commission.

Competency of regional commission is almost similar with federal commission except such “details” like international cooperation and subordination to central office.

This decree together with new strategy has to provide strong hand of help in counteractions against counterfeits in Russia.