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Russian ministry of culture intends to set up limits for distribution of movies in Russian cinemas

The core idea of new draft law, which is not presented to the public, is condition for distribution of movies in cinemas in Russia – not more than 35% of all film sessions during single day for one film in one cinema. Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) has only launched to develop draft law.

Draft law should provide “favorable conditions for citizens to get access to a largest quantity of films”. Certainly, the new legal initiative has been made for the best interests of Russian movies – they are not in so good positions compared to Hollywood movies, for instance. MinCult wants to see situation vice versa – when Russian movies are very popular and Hollywood movies “in the backyard”.

The minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, believes it is antitrust measure, which will be positive for Russian movie industry, economy and best interests of Russian customers. “It is monopoly from Hollywood’s side” when more than 35% of all film sessions in Russian cinemas “occupied” by Hollywood movies. “Monopoly it is rot of economy”. “It is not good”. Besides, “company can’t occupy more than 30% of the marketplace under Russian law”.

But why Medinsky compares Hollywood with company, it is not clear. He believes, without protectionism it is not possible to exist for Russian movie market. “Everywhere, where there is no protectionism, the Hollywood “occupies” all movie-niche.”