Press "Enter" to skip to content has reminded Match TV in court how it is important to abide copyright law

Match TV publicly declared how it is important to protect not only the copyright itself, but also the value of copyrights in content. Especially if capital of company consists of content. It was little public dispute between Match TV and about the copyright. Match TV accused of copyright neglect. explained everything in details.

But also knows the value of copyright and has reminded Match TV how it is important for media companies to abide Russian law. has asked the court for preliminary measures in relation to one of the Match TV’s resources – Such measure has been undertaken by as a reply to Match TV concerning copyright issues.

“” Ltd asked the court for preliminary measures in order to protect exclusive copyright in the works of literature. These works were placed on a web-site in Internet without proper right holder’s permission. The court considered’s request and relevant materials and satisfied claimant’s requirements. The claimant has proved that the works of literature have been used in violation of Russian copyright law.

Both companies have to decide who is right and who is wrong.