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Web-resource revealed payola conditions of its very good “colleague” – Match TV and Match TV are big “friends” in sport world. Sometimes they express “compliments” with each other. This time it was turn of The web-resource revealed payola conditions of Match TV. If you are football club and need promotion – pay and receive broadcasting time. The prices are good – it is big Russian federal channel.

According to article, Match TV has mailed to some football clubs a presentation, describing programs of channel. Presentation notes the opportunity for the club to get a time in report about football clubs and also specifies the prices for broadcasting time. In other words the club can pay money and receive advertisement in the form of program for football fans as a usual television program.

For example, in order to “light up” in program “after the football with Cherdantsev” it is proposed to pay at least 1 million Roubles for episode depending on timekeeping. explains such “rates” for advertisement very simple – the losses of channel rise up (more than three billion Roubles during the last two years), therefore many employees have been dismissed during the last six months.

But the channel dismissed all allegations about payola. The channel stated that it has never proposed football clubs to pay for participation in television programs. The channel claims the’s accusations are false. “The channel has never required football clubs to fund production of TV programs. It was made in order to discredit the channel. Many football clubs, who are in long and mutually beneficial partnership with channel, are ready to confirm that information is false.”