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Russian internet ombudsman believes it is madness to forbid VPN or anonymizers in Russia

Russian ombudsman on internet dislikes idea to forbid VPN and similar services in Russia in order to control access to information or dissemination of information. He believes such idea is madness.

This idea goes contrary to common sense, he said. “The draft law states about technologies, which allow circumvention of blocking. First of all it is VPN and anonymizers. How they will make difference between VPN, exploited for commercial purposes, and VPN, exploited for circumvention of blockings? It is impossible to do,” – he said.

Internet ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev, also believes it is possible to implement proposed law from technical side. But it would be “prosecution of own citizens in own country”. Marinichev also compared proposed draft law with prohibition to “insert the key into the lock.” “You should hand over your keys (from your house), and remove the curtains from windows, in order to show citizens’ (private) live”, – he added.