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Russian minister of communication believes blocking of access to web-sites is not effective measure

Russian minister of communication Nikolay Nikiforov believes restriction of access to web-sites with illegal content is ineffective measure in Russia. The system of blockings, which is vigorously developed in Russia, is unsustainable, – stated minister.

“Internet and digital technologies are developing in such a way, that the method of blockings is not able to achieve a necessary result. Always a new technology will be found for each blocking or restriction of access to web-site and such technology would make possible to circumvent any blocking. Minister believes the authorities make it in the “old-fashioned way”.

“In a case of blockings our public learns “the substantive part” very fast, install different programs, enabling access to blocked web-sites, and receive forbidden information with help of server, placed in different jurisdiction, where the Russian law does not have a force”, – he said. It would be right not to “huddle everybody into encrypted channels, but to track very carefully who searches certain information and receives access to one or another illegal content”, – explained minister.