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Russian MinCom proposes to use VPN for all internet communications the experts believes

The Russian ministry of communication in order to implement the law on Russian internet autonomy or sovereignty has drafted new rules on protection from phishing. The experts from Russian union of manufacturers and entrepreneurs have analyzed this proposal and were shocked. According to their opinion the new rules provide mandatory shifting to VPN by all market participants. It is impractical and surreal they believe.

The MinCom has proposed to oblige market participants to secure protection from unauthorized access to equipment and software exploited for identification of network address when the domain name is typing in web browser’s address line. Union’s experts believe in order to comply with MinCom’s requirements it is necessary for all operators to create VPN-connections in national domain system for each web-resource in Russian segment of internet. Such implementation implies huge expenditures and resources.

It would be necessary to create multiple private VPN networks. The stakeholders believe such outcomes in the form of private VPN networks caused by ambiguity of wording. They also believe it is technically unreasonable to implement proposed rules.

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