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Russian deputies proposed to create monopoly for distribution of TV content in internet

Publicly available channels are to be distributed through so called “one window” in internet according to the new recently proposed draft law. Other web-sites, which don’t participate in “one window scheme”, are to be blocked. There is already the candidate to be such “one window” operator. The draft law aims to create the single system of legal distribution for 20 publicly available channels. This system should be launched from 2020.

Russian internet watchdog – Roskomnadzor – should be entrusted to define who will be such operator of single system. The internet platforms, who are interested to distribute content made by such public channels, should receive it only from chosen operator and it would be forbidden to change content received from operator. Does it mean that the content can be with advertising already included? The operator is to be controlled by the Russians. Foreign persons are allowed to control not more than 20% in operator’s capital.

The antitrust regulation would not cover newly created operator. The operator is to be chosen each five years. The legislators believe the operator can be the company having agreements with most publicly available TV channels. “The distribution of digital signal through one window would streamline and improve audience measurement”, – believes one of the draft law authors. Improved measurement should, in its turn, boost monetization of channels.

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