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Month: July 2019

SWD Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – impacts of second option for the use of protected content by online services

An obligation on online services which store and give access to large amounts of protected content uploaded by their users to put in place appropriate and proportionate technologies and to increase transparency vis-a-vis rights holders

Against the backdrop of the role of user uploaded content services in the communication to the public of protected content, the establishment of an obligation to deploy technical means will have a positive impact on right holders.

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Russian authorities intend to create the Russian analogue of Wikipedia

The Russian federal state budget should be the main sponsor who help to realize the intention. The Russian ministry of communication and digital development has already drafted the rules of such “sponsorship” in the form of law. The beneficiary of this sponsorship would be the Russian publishing house “The Big Soviet Encyclopedia”. This publishing house would receive money from state budget to found and maintain the “national interactive encyclopedic portal”.

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It is better penalize VPNs than block them believes Roskomnadzor

According to current Russian law if the VPN provides any internet user in Russia with access to any web-resource blocked in Russia such VPN is to be blocked. How Russian internet watchdog – The Roskomnadzor (RKN) – aims to implement such task is not clear, perhaps to block entire internet. Anyway, it considers another idea: to penalize them – imposing fines on VPN failing to block access to forbidden web-resource in Russia.

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Someone has set on fire the Roskomnadzor’s office for blocking of pirates

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor should keep Russian internet save from external threats, including piracy. Each day its officers working hard in order to clear internet in Russia out of illegal stuff – whether it is pirated content, fake news or something else what is forbidden for dissemination in Russia. The illegal movies are not exception. One Russian citizens has set on fire one of the Russian Roskomandzor’s office, he made it three times.

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