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It was proposed to define what “internet crime” is

The Russian commissioner for human rights – Tatyana Moskalkova – has proposed to define in law what the internet crime is. She believes new definition would help people to avoid prosecution for repost and sharing in social networks. The relevant committee in the Russian Council Federation believes such proposal deserves attention and should be considered.

The commissioner believes the new definition would help to avoid the restriction of basis right on freedom of speech and would preclude unjustifiable prosecution. The criminal liability is to be excluded for reposts and sharing in social networks she believes. Someone, “who copied or disseminated information without intention” to cause socially dangerous consequences or could not properly evaluate his deeds is not to be brought to liability.

Moskalkova has proposed to decriminalize reposting and sharing in 2018 in her report. She also has proposed to improve the regulation on messengers. Most messengers are owned by commercial companies and the Russian governmental bodies are objectively restricted to control their activity.

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