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People don’t like the law on internet autonomy

This March some civil activists have organized the rally against new law on Russian internet autonomy. And as always the data about the quantity of people, who was there, are different. The police claims there were six and half thousand peoples, the civil activists claim there were 15 thousands. But the rally has been authorized by the local authorities. The rallies were in Moscow, Habarovsk and Voronezh, where the authorization has been not granted.

The main slogans of the rally were against the new law. The peoples require “free internet” and believe the new law would lead to isolation of Russian internet network and simplification of web-site blockings. The Russian Kremlin supports “free internet” said Russian president’s press-secretary Dmitry Peskov. According to him the new law aims to protect the Russian segment of internet from external threats. Peskov also has underlined one prominent phrase at the rally – “the Russian authorities want to push the button and disconnect the internet”.

He believes it is curiously why the participant of the rally in Moscow, who said that, does not concern that someone from overseas could make the same – “push the button and cut off the Russia from internet”. But Peskov did not clarify what segment of internet he meant – Russian or worldwide. The law aims to protect Russian segment of internet, it could mean that the Russian authorities want to create independent from worldwide internet in Russia. It could be attempt to isolate Russia from world wide web.

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