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Russian Facebook Vkontakte deploys anti-piracy filter

Russian social network Vkontakte has signed ant-piracy memorandum with book publishers and online stores. The aim of memo is similar to audio-visual memo signed by the Yandex & IT companies with audio-visual right holders (mostly Russian media companies making content for Russian TV). The memo supposed to anti-piracy checking of book content before the downloading.

Actually social network deletes illegal content at the request of right holder, but the last has to find such content in “manual regime”. Besides the significant part of illegal books copies are published in closed groups what means it is sometime “complicated” for book publishers to find the pirates. The memo should automatize finding and deleting illegal copies of books in social network. In order to execute memo Vkontakte would deploy its system called copyright check.

The principle is almost the same for many anti-piracy programs. Recognition of content by “fingerprint”. If the user uploads his copy of book at the social network, the system would automatically checking finger print and in case of matching finger prints the user would not be able to upload the book at the social network. The memo does not cover links. So it covers only files uploading to the social network.

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