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RKN is ready to help Russian book publishers to sign anti-piracy memorandum

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor (RKN) has stated it is ready to be the platform for dialogue between search engines and publishers of electronic and traditional books in order to conclude anti-piracy memorandum for books. Previously it was singed anti-piracy memorandum for audio-visual works between major Russian right holders and Russian internet companies, the Google was not the signatory of memo and likely would not the signatory for books’ publishers memo.

The RKN believes there should be signed new anti-piracy memorandum especially for book publishers in order to “regulate out-of-court mechanism of protection for copyright and related rights on electronic and audiobooks” according to RKN’s representative. The instrument “would establish the procedure for interactions between right holders in book publishing sector and owner of informational resources” ensures the official position of RKN. So RKN is ready to assist in the matter of “establishing a constructive dialogue.

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