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Russian will be out of global internet

Most right holders believe if you block domain name you can destroy one of the pirate strongholds. But sometimes it is like to change the name of the street where you organise and maintain illegal activity. You change street name but someone, who make illegal business, is still there. Here is almost the same.

You have blocked domain name. But there are enough means to make popular another domain name for public in order to attract its attention. But is does not exclude greedy of operators of illegal websites. If they cannot spend money for new popular domain name, – for its promotion etc, – their traffic will flow to another similar websites. There are not so many people who are ready to pay for content, regardless of its legality, in Russia.

Russian association of copyright protection in internet (AZAPI) has filed for undelegation of domain name (popular website in Russia “Librusec”) to Ecuadorian intellectual property institute. Institute decided to undelegate domain address It will help to shut down Librusec forever, as believe AZAPI. All procedures should take approximately three months and in next 2017 year the people, who like books and prefer receive them for free, will have a choice – go to legal web-sites (if they will find them) suitable for them, or search for another analogue of librusec.

But for librusec it is not a “finish”. Its activity is interesting not only for AZAPI and book lovers. Russian enforcement authorities lead investigation and initiated a criminal case under part 3 article 146 of Russian criminal code (infringement of copyright and neighbouring rights). Investigators explore how librusec’s activity is associated with founder of other web-site Imobilco (selling music in mp3 format and other entertainment content like books, magazines and newspapers) and with company Universal books technologies (YKT).

There is also one interesting thing. When enforcement authorities have seized internet servers of YKT, the websites librusec and Imobilco ceased to work. All internet servers will be checked.