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The law aiming to protect Russian authorities from criticism in internet has no wide support

But it still can be adopted. The law aims to forbid persons to insult Russian authorities in internet; otherwise the person can face fine up to 5 thousands Roubles or even can be arrested for 15 days. The Russian ministry of communication does not support the draft law. The deputy of the minister has said “the one of the duties of Russian authorities is listening the criticism of their work calmly. They are not so impressionable.”

The ministry believes the wording of the draft law can be interpreted very broadly by the courts and enforcement authorities. The ministry has also reminded the main Russian law – constitution. This law provides the Russian citizens with the freedom of expression, the right to speak out own opinion freely. The proposed law restricts these freedoms guaranteed by Russian constitution. There is already the law in Russia which prohibits explicit expression in internet, and it is enough.

The member of the presidential council for civil society and human rights has named this draft law “ridiculous”, but the Russian president is “ready to take measures towards to local insanity” if the law is adopted. The author of the draft law believes there is no any definition of “insulting form” in the draft law. The court in different places of country would “interpret different words differently”. You can see how the people without law degree try to write laws and prove that there is no need in law education in order to be a good lawmaker.