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Camcording can be punishable in Russia

The Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) has drafted the law providing amendments to the Russian administrative code. These amendments made camcording punishable and provide liability therefore. The aim of the draft law is to eliminate the main resource of piracy – the camcording. Many believe the pirates get movie releases only from cinemas because very often the right holders find in internet the leaked movies of cam quality.

So if the person camcords in first time the fine is 50 thousands Roubles. The alternative to the fine is obligatory work up to 100 hours but minimum 50 hours. If the persons camcords in second time the fine is to be doubled – up to 100 thousands Roubles with alternative a obligatory works up to 100-150 hours. The confiscation of equipment is also provided. Many lawyers believe the Russian civil code provides liability for camcording, but it is not so. Only camcording is not copyright infringement. You can camcord for yourself, but you can’t distribute this copy to the public.

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